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I always figured they felt pain. I Still eat quite a bit of shellfish. Mmm I LOVE dungeness crab (catch it ourselves locally).
Creatures suffer, what can you do? Starve? Go vegan? But there again, plants are living things too. Humans don't photosynthesize, we have to consume other living things to survive. I'll shed a tear over the next crab i eat, someone pass the butter please.
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Wow good read, so much I wanted to comment on, the segment almost would have been better broken up into more parts. :P Of course, they were all trivial pointless comments... but still.
Morton salt: Should I be disturbed, that the little girls dress got shorter over the years and she became more barbi-tized (longer slimmer legs)?
Laughing cow: I LOVE This stuff, but its always kinda spendy for what it is.
Betty Crocker: The 1996 version is awful. The 80 version is better, but if you look at it, its a copy of 65 (with minor changes) look at the mouth. 96 looks too mousy and unassertive.
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I think its sort of funny how Dasani (Owned by coke) is more expensive than their coke. By adding sugar/sweetener and syrup, they de-value the water. :P

The only bottled type of water I buy is Spring water. And even then, you have to be weary of the source. I would never buy spring water from france or Italy, good lord.... those places are polluted.
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How many lives are ruined daily over a simple silly natual plant?
God sakes, make it legal already and let people get on with their lives.
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