Hiding in Plain Sight: Man Planted Cannabis Hedges

Talk about "cultivating drugs" - a couple in Nerang, Queensland, Australia, decided that the best way to grow their cannabis plants is to hide them in plain sight ... so they made them into hedges!

Sen-Sgt Symons said he had never seen cannabis shaped and trimmed into a hedge in his 25 years in the police service.

Neighbours looked over the fence in amazement as police dug up the manicured crop and removed it to be destroyed.

"They are a lovely couple," said one neighbour. "Who would have thought that hedge was grass? It just looks like an ordinary hedge in a suburban yard."


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Hiding in Plain Sight: Federal laws which trump State laws. WE THE PEOPLE do not matter anymore unless we join together and say, "ENOUGH! DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

The immoral, unhuman, and unjust laws and so-called war against nature must stop! Try this for yourself right now: Go to news.google.com and search for "marijuana". See for yourself how 95% or more of the articles are about people being busted for growing, smoking, or holding marijuana. IT IS A JOKE! You are being played! Big Pharma and Big Brother KNOW marijuana is safe, they want you to buy expensive drugs coming from plants rather than grow the plants themselves!

Taliban poppy farms could be ELIMINATED if the American Government told American farmers and/or American citizens to GROW opium poppies! This would zero out the money to the terrorists and people would again be able to use opium poppies LEGALLY, as nature gave us, rather than paying high prices for chemical extractions and manipulations at the Pharmacy after we've begged permission from the Doctor for Pain! Often many of these manufactured pain medications are ruined with liver-damaging Tylenol to discourage so-called "abuse". You are put on a LIST when you become a member of the pain medication club, and we're not talking marijuana on this one!

Legalize all drugs (which are plants of nature to begin with) and educate and treat people, visit LEAP's website (Law Enforcement AGAINST Prohibition) and get educated. Watch Bill Hicks' videos, read FOOD OF THE GODS by Terence Mckenna. Don't buy their horse@*#& lies any further. Get together, vote, and participate in efforts to re-legalize NATURE.

A vote *FOR* the drug war is a vote *FOR* the drug lords and corrupt law enforcement and shadow agencies which profit from the so-called war on drugs. It has NEVER been about a war on drugs, it's all about a war against our civil liberties.

Make no mistake, if you do nothing, they will continue to take away our rights. Don't be afraid of participating, YOU can make a difference. Together, those of us who are collecting signatures to legalize marijuana as a first step are making a difference and history.

When YOU remain silent and fail to participate, when YOU continue to pay taxes for wars YOU don't agree with, YOU are part of the problem.
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I'm not a smoker, but it's always amazed me how the (U.S.) government preaches the evils of marijuana, yet happily allows TV commercials to try and convince people that they need anti-depressants, and to talk their doctor into prescribing them. (Yes, there are people out there who need medication, but the pharmaceutical companies aren't paying $100k and up for a commercial spot out of public interest.)
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That "lovely couple" was probably making a ton of money in the drug business. You don't grow that much pot for your own personal use. If you do, then you seriously have problems.
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