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The mother is worried about the sound of jackhammers on her unborn baby while smoking?? (At least that is what I think while holding a cigarette in her hand).

I say bring on the cattle-prod!
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Makes me want to read up more about these authors lives. I enjoy a good fart joke now and then but sexual fascination?? Much strangeness...
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I'm with xTivo; make it seperate from Neatorama.

Same with GeekyGirl; the original Neatorama was more interesting and had quality posts.
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She really does look like one of those big game cats. I can not help but think that she likes torturing her face (or torturing us WITH that face).
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I work in retail and for the most part the majority (like 99%) of customers are civilized, quite nice and a pleasure to serve. It's the one percent that are truly mad, crazy and should not be allowed to breed (or exist for that matter).
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I remember seeing them in those boutique department stores in Tokyo. I can't remember how much they cost but they cost a lot! Something like a box of 5 (4 is an unlucky number in Japan) for US$8-9. They look easy to make from the link. Looks good too.
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