The Customer is Not Always Right

As a former retail employee, I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. And so do the people at NotAlwaysRight. I only wish I knew of this site when I actually worked retail - I could have contributed so many good stories. But there are some really funny ones even without my additions. Here's one - it was online chat assistance, which is going to be relevant later in the story:

Customer: “Your site won’t let me get through!”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. Could you tell me what part of the site you were having an issue with?”

Customer: “It keeps telling me that I have the wrong password. I have my password!”

(I look up her password and use it on the site to make sure it

Me: “I have tested your password and it appears to be working. Would you like me to send you an e-mail with a copy of your password?”

Customer: “NO! I have my password! It says it right here on the screen, and I typed it just like it says.”

Me: *slightly confused as to why the customer’s password would be displayed* “What password do you see on the screen?”

Customer: “cAsE sEnsitIve! I typed it the exact way that it says here! ‘Your password is cAsE sEnsitIve’!”

Link [Edit 1/11/09 - delinked because of possible virus in the website. If you still want to visit, it's You've been warned]

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then i would believe everything i read on the internets, so why would i doubt the credibility of any of those stories?

yes, i used the term internets
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xchmp: Its not so much having a contempt for the customers calling in, its an exasperation of how extremely dim-witted some people can be. "Lowest common denominator" is a term I would use repeatedly when explaining my tech support job to people. Its a high stress job with relatively low pay, sharing these stories with other techs is one of the few outlets you get.

Its not so much the people who aren't tech saavy, its the people who are either completely unwilling to impliment the advice that they are calling in for, or the people who are utterly ignorant. Ignorant as in having to explain left versus right, how to spell their own username (the one they picked themselves), why electronics and fluids don't mix, etc.
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Two of my friends at work have pcs and both picked up a trojan virus of this site while browsing it. Im pretty sure they both clicked on an ad. Just a warning to you all out there.
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