Orange Wedges

These orange slices are made of jello! Instructables tells you how to make them. This might be neat with lemons and limes, too. It would certainly impress guests at a holiday party! Link -via Unique Daily

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I've made these a couple times over the past year for parties. They were jell-o shots, of course, packed full of alcohol. They went over GREAT both times.

Note: the secret to a great and solid jell-o shot is to simply thoroughly freeze the vodka. Its chilled nature helps the jell-o set up quickly and sturdily.
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Except don't expect British people to be all that impressed when you serve them a staple of children's birthday parties! Well, I suppose less so now with bought in party food, but certainly any child of the 70s or 80s will know those. And will tell you they're missing the cocktail stick and bit of paper that makes them jelly boats.
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I saw this a couple weeks ago via stumbleupon, except the standard jello was replaced with Jello shots.

I made this for a party and it turned out well. The only problem I ran into was actually cutting up the orange halves. I tried a knife but it mutilated the oranges so I switched to scissors which worked better, but still not great.

Orange Slice Jello Shots:

Reading the article I see that he does mention that you could do this with vodka jello.

Also mentioned was using a baking pan when putting the orange halves into the fridge. A muffin pan worked amazing for this for me, it was the perfect size to set the oranges in
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I remember seeing them in those boutique department stores in Tokyo. I can't remember how much they cost but they cost a lot! Something like a box of 5 (4 is an unlucky number in Japan) for US$8-9. They look easy to make from the link. Looks good too.
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