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I love when freedom of speech is sited when it has nothing to do with the complaint.

That said, I think the spouse should develop a thicker skin. Of course, we might not have all the facts.
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Listen, all they have to do is surgically implant the Plantronics phone headset into the employee's head and none of this surveillance would be necessary.
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Wow, I learned EVERYTHING growing up. Between my mother having a husband and 7 other children to care for so no time to do everything for us and a school district where we actually had classes on all this stuff, I never really had a surprise when leaving home.

We had cooking that was integrated with math and shopping in 4th grade. Maths classes included banking and filling financial forms (taxes). Health and gym classes included instruction on nutrition and the necessity of excessive. We had auto shop, general shop (woodworking), home economics, typing (business), Art, all kinds of music, and the standard reading, writing and history.

I guess we really don't fund schools all that much anymore.
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Viv, The people that don't get it just won't get it. What gender and sexuality is, is so far outside what they think is reality they are just lost in their own culturally imposed illusions of identity.

As a gay man I live in a world where "binary" is the only conceivable way that identity of any kind can be understood. It's that way on TV, in the paper, in books, churches, and in schools. It's the only way the limited experience of one's identity can be seen by people.

When my state got equal marriage, I would hear people say, "which one is gonna be the wife?" And, "which woman is gonna where the tuxedo?" So many people still have so sadly a limited idea of who they are let alone who someone who is different can be. Sometimes I want to drop the bomb on these people that there are even those who identify with NO gender, just to watch their heads explode.

I like to think that some day gender assignment and sexuality will no longer mean anything to anyone. But I'm not holding my breath. Too many people still think that a person's gender DEFINES their sexuality. Ans still more believe that their sexuality alone defines who they are.
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Move your money to a local credit union. That's what I did and the Band of America branch employees I used to patronize where not at all happy about it when I told them exactly why they no longer have my loyalty.
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It comes down to exposure to "risky behavior" NOT the sexual preference or gender of the person one has had sex with. If the One year wait is to confirm antibodies then it should be a wait for EVERYONE not just gay men.

There just does not seem, given the information presented here, any reason that gay men should be singled out.
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You see, that's why you're a good parent. You teach your children to keep your personal traditions alive through family practice while also teaching them to understand the value of living in a pluralist society.
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Heh! I took our Zenith Remote apart to learn how it works. It has little aluminum cylinders in it that rang-out when banged by the internal clapper, activated by pressing one of the buttons.

True Fact: We used to take our belts off and whipping them through the air, skip the buckle against the hard linoleum floor, making the same imperceptible ringing as the remote, causing the TV to change channel. No one ever succeeded in hogging the remote at our house!
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