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Oh man, I was just bringing up the historic and scientific facts about the act, not the physical implications. But yeah, it sure got ugly, didn't it!

Frankly I think it was a very selfless act upon the daughter's part, and if it helped him recover from cancer then three cheers to them!

But oh man, having that image file pop up in my RSS feed was...uh...I'm just happy my six-year-old son wasn't sitting with me. 8-O

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Oh my, that was a balm to my drought-tired eyes! Here in central Texas we've been under the worst drought we've seen in almost a hundred years. Hardly anything has sprouted, much less flowered. Even our notoriously-hardy bluebonnets have failed to make a showing.

Moody Gardens in Galveston is also amazing. Check it out when y'all visit!

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I'm 35 and it was AGGRAVATING!!! Like the sound of fluorescent tube whine, only louder. No wonder it's used to repel teenagers. It'd definitely repel me, too!

My poor 2-month-old daughter was sleeping soundly in her crib near me. She was woken out of a sound sleep. Eek!

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That is some major heavy-duty awesomeness! If I lost my lower legs, I'd totally have to do something like that myself.

What would be neat is if they could work on a centauroid hookup for when she's on land. Or satyr legs. I mean, if you're going to be missing limbs, why not have some fun with your prosthetics, right...?

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Y'know, I just took a closer look at that thing, and I realized it's bigger as my son's twin bunk mattress. Probably as big as my king-size mattress, in fact.

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