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I wouldn't want long sleeves near any spinny-choppy-rotatey thing.

Have these people not seen the incredibles? Look what happened to the superheros with capes!
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This was on tomrrow's world in 1992. Using a giant coil of transparent tube they grew algae in it, dried it and then fueled a diesel (I think) engine. There was also a brief example of it being squirted through a naked flame and my did it burn! Sadly it's yet to be seen in viably large quantities, but cool tech. all the same.
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They mentioned it came from the precision instruments factory.. do the workers inhale gold, or does the factory flush unused components down the loo or what?
Not a bad haul per tonne, but still, I think I'll stick to skipdiving thanks.
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It seems a shame that while so many people are berating the pranksters who change roadsigns, no one is saying "kick a ginger day" which is a direct threat to people to be in any way contentious. No, I'm not a redhead, but given how so many have been teased and bullied unmercilessly as children, just due to their hair colour, I find it distasteful that anyone would be so retarded as to promote it as adults.
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Trust a rag like the daily mail to publish a list like that. I wouldn't put much faith in it as it generally caters for the unwashed masses. The likes of Ghost is generally supersceded by the (far superior) British film "Truly Madly Deeply" in the UK.
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