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Some of these conspiracys are insulting towards our country and do highlight the interest of americans.

There is an old sayin we've all herd: "Is it better to be a feared leader or loved leader."-(something like that) What I mean by that is: In the time of G.W. Bush were people blaming him for 9/11, cause they feared him or couldn't trust him. After all, he was the new president. And its easy for people to assume the goverment had some informatation before-hand of the attack. People will blame politics because, either thay can't trust them or they just don't like them.
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Does it really matter if Pluto isn't considered a planet? Who gives a S&*@!

I can imagine Pluto's heartbreak.

Jupiter: Listen, Pluto. Me and the guys were just thinkin and we just all agreed...well your not a planet.

Pluto: (about to burst in tears) Really! I'm no longer a planet. Is it cause my size?!

Jupiter: Nah. Its not your size. Just relax, you can still orbit with us. We just thought you would have fitted in more with the dwarf planets. Thats all no heartbreak little globe.
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Oh yeah sure! Aliens built a little campfire on Mars and left behind a log.
Adsy, I do like your statement, you explained it very well, but how do we know that there isn't bacteria that could sestain Mars's climate- in positioning of the planet and distance of the sun.
I think and may be you as well believe it is a rut in the ground or a shadow or computer edited spoof/hoax.
I do believe NASA is keeping secrets from the public and it would make sense if they did. But just because I'm not a scientist, that doesn't mean I don't have the right to know NASA's secrets.

If there is infact water on Mars there must be forest and this log may have once gotten washed up by a river, then the river dried or something and the log remained.
According to picture however, this log looks new or atleast cemetrically cut by a being who lived on Mars at one point, before it died.
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Son of a bitch...does this mean the little mermaid was real?
When I first saw the picture of Atlantis discovery, it reminded me of satellite imagery on Mars. It also brings up the conspiracy that there may have been earlier human settlement than we've known about over recorded history. Possibly, Atlantis was a continent that consist of alien life or just a lost ancient civilization of ordinary humans. There is a lot of mystery in this world and just one piece of evidence(such as atlantis city traces) can answer the many questions we have as a growing people.
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"Its a small world"-Can you really call it that anymore.
If Walt Disney was alive today, he would be utterly amazed. Disney World made a movie trilogy based on a pirate theme ride, they have creativly added new characters and stories, disney has influenced asians, and they have even built on to their park. But just like Hollywood, Disney World sits on a dangerous spot. I'm obviosly alive and I'm utterly amazed the best tourist attractions are located on the worst places on Earth.
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My theory about the mysterious end of the maya people is irrelevent to the mysteries of the extra-terrestrial visitations. I sort of believe the mayans had some personal connection with their claimed gods. Perhaps, these visits were not only ceremonial tradition to the maya, but an offering or trade betwwen alien-kind and mayans. At a certain time in history they vanished after one of their gods left at sea in a strange water like-chariot. The god said he'd return someday. This puzzles me! PLEASE respond back for more of my beliefs, if interested.
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