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Only happy people left!

Maybe not. Truth be told I always thought the rest of the world considered our country a very unhappy place. "Too few friends", little contact with family, fueled by alcohol and self pity... And worst of all not very religious (the horror!).

And now we're number 2 on that list. Has something changed?
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Funny, because I never saw a deadline for when the population should be under 500 million.

Maybe, just maybe it could be achieved by natural causes. More probable in the post-apocalyptic world where the population won't be 6 000 million.
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Indeed as Camilla said, this is their favorite pastime.
A funny one was when they screwed the vote on stormfront to say that 74% of them never finished high school.
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Think of it this way: If someone threw shit in your face, what would you use to clean it? Smear it out with paper or wash it away with soap and water.

Attitudes have to change. Imagine if all of Asia started using whitened paper too.
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Sparks, I'm afraid she has a good point. I am also afraid that you failed at addressing them and instead turned to ad hominem.
If you don't want people to think that military personnel regard themselves as above the rest - then you aren't really helping.

The real heroes are those who know they probably won't get any recognition for their work, yet are contempt in knowing they've made someone else's day (or life) a little better. You could argue that people serving in the military fit into this category. Some undoubtedly do. Serving in the military doesn't make you a more worthy human being.
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