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He also wrote a rather hilarious and brilliant play filled with little one-act bits, called "An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein". The same cadence and rhyme tricks as with his children's books, but very, VERY adult. If you can find it, pick it up, it's one of my favorites.
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Alex, awesome, I LOVE reading posts about internet drama. Keep it up, reading bloggers' hissy fits really keeps me coming back to a site instead of entertaining links.
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This is only partially true. While it's a better idea to sell your car on the market yourself (you get a better price), if you trade in a car that has a balance on it, the dealership WILL take care of it. If the dealership goes under, you'll be responsible but that's only if the dealership hasn't paid off the balance yet. Dealerships don't wait very long to pay off trade-ins, because they lose money (the loan accrues interest while it's still in YOUR name). This would only happen if you were in that week-ish window of when the dealership didn't pay off their trade-in balances.
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Why would you have to translate this into "plain english"? It's part of the fabric of American life and shouldn't be classified as something different and outcast.
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You should have split this post so before you take the test, you don't see the results. I was going to take it but since i read the results, I think that would mess with my score.
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I think if you should be upset with anyone, it should be Disney. Miley Cyrus may have wanted to do the shoot, but she is too young to really know the ramifications, and her managers knew exactly what they were doing.

Annie Leibovitz has never taken a photograph that to me, seemed pornographic or manipulative.
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I think it's funny that next to this post, there is a very annoying, jumpy ad.

Like Another Jake said, it really is like Tivo. There aren't enough people who adblock to make a substantial difference, and even if there are, advertisers will find a way to get around it.
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Living in Texas, I immediately understood the ad and I think it's pretty clever. I'm not sure it would be warmly received by most Americans but I'm curious to know how it goes over in Mexico.
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