The Job

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The Job takes your expectations and turns them upside down. A award-winning short by Screaming Frog Productions. Link -via Everlasting Blort

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As someone who works in a 'white collar' job in IT (finally), i must say... I can sympathize with this.

I know the point was an ethnic-irony (could that music be any more steriotypical? lol), but that aside..

Getting a job nowaday, even with a good education, and yes, even for white males, can sometimes really feel like this video portrays it "pick me, pick me!"

So, I guess this video works on a few levels. :P

Oh, and @rodger... advertisement. THe money spent on this film is actually an investment in their own company, Screaming Frog Productions it would seem.
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I sort of get the joke.

35 years ago, when I wanted work, I could go to the town's job center and hang out with the rest of the unemployed teenagers waiting for someone to need day laborers. Usually it was farmers needing help with detasseling.

My senior year in college, the cattle call that was job placement looked a lot like this film: suits and hard shoes but young, eager faces.

After I got laid off, company lobbies reminded me of the experience except the faces showed little hope and no enthusiasm.

The only way to change the cycle is to get your own clients and when you get enough work, fill *your* lobby with prospects.
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Cute, but flawed.

For one thing, accountants and other "business people" aren't generally handed their jobs on a silver platter - they do compete.

It's not the fault of big business in the USA that some people in Mexico aren't educated to an extent where they can be more than illegal day-labourers.
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