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Lord, spare me an internet pissing contest. At least you didn't try to correct my grammar, for which I thank you.

I was mistaken to say 'public funding' when I meant to say 'funding'.

My point stands (or, in other words, I still make it) because I believe that artists do more pure art when no one gives them the money to do it.

And I'll go further and point out the utter hubris of this artist comparing himself to Christopher Wren.
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Oops, my mistake in being so specific, but my point stands.

I suppose I shouldn't blame the architect, really, as this was clearly designed by computer... probably with the intent of showing off what can be done with steel these days.
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So fun to think about the future of Japan. Hmm, let's see...

The political capital will probably move back to Kyoto.

Decline in population overall -- plus a sort of Japanese Diaspora after Fukushima -- might leave remaining Japanese in desperate need of manpower. So, should North Korea relax its borders even for a few months, there will be a massive surge of Koreans flooding into Japan.

These rural North Koreans will lack skills to deal sophisticated technology, and so will be the first to fall to the the Robot Uprising.
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As controversial as it may seem, this is actually a good example of how to get along. No one is forcing their views onto anyone else here. Some accomodations were asked for, and granted, while others are being considered. Needs were communicated, and a working solution was negotiated. But in the end, each side had a line they could not cross... and that's OK.

I'm sure the athletes on each side were disappointed, but sportsmanship extends beyond the playing field.
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