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Chuck Norris counted to infinity. TWICE.

When Chuck Norris does pushups, he doesnt really push himself up, he pushes the world down.

Chuck Norris can go to a burger king and ask for a big mac and actually receive one.

Chuck Norris sat behind Jesus in third Grade

Chuck Norris can make a plane explode by just pointing at it and say bang
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i don't get why every time hiphop is mentioned, it gets nothing but negativity.

and seriously? compared to some other genres of music, Rap almost has nothing on some metal and death bands that people seem to accept. and about the drugs? OH PLEASE. anyone remember what livin a rock and roll life meant? SEX, DRUGS, and ALCOHOL. but hey thats widely accepted. unless they came out the mouth of a rapper then it suddenly becomes a horrifying thing.

Also for those people who still think that rap is for mindless people with no life listen to this
I am willing to bet once he gets into the first verse you guys will stop the music. but if you actually ARENT that ignorant you will actually LISTEN to what he says. Does he sound uneducated to you? mindless? incapable of saying a verse with out mentioning drugs, sex, pimpin, bling and all that commercialized hiphop bullshit? Even though the song is really biased, how can you still say that what you heard was just meaningless lyrics that only talk about drugs and all the above? open up your minds.

Biggie was one of the greatest lyricist of his time, he introduced a new era of rap to the world and he started out from the gutter. sure he had his flaws and run ins with the law, but what he did was definitely worthy of recognition.

and please, don't generalize that rap is hiphop or vice versa and then say its a dumb "genre" of music. HipHop is not a genre of music. its a Culture, a way of life. Just try to bring negativity about it. Hiphop has influenced the world and its already around you and you just don't know it.
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Dianne wrote
October 3rd, 2008 at 1:46 pm
"Oh Homie - let’s hope that was only a bad, bad dream. Homie for Prez/Spongebob for VP"

betty boop for prez/mickey mouse for VP
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