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This woman obviously has a major screw loose and the fertility clinic responsible for the implantations should be brought up for review.
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I guess I'm old school because I couldn't wait until I was 18 so I could move the hell out of my parent's house...you know, so I could run with scissors, go outside in freezing temps with wet hair, sit up close to the tv screen, etc.
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You know nothing about me, yet you're ignorant enough to generalize.

If you want to discuss Texas laws, bring it on. I happen to be quite knowledgeable in the subject.

Or perhaps we can make a deal...you refrain yourself from absorbing Hollywood's idea of my state and country and I'll not assume every Frenchman is an insolent, con
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Ah yes...there's always some douche dissing on Texas.



And once again, Texas gives North America a bad reputation.
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Reminds me of 'White Wings'. We get them on occasion at a local restuarant. DeeeeeLISH!

My family calls them 'Death Balls'.


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