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'A Chore' is bad and annoying...
'Doing Chores' builds character and makes you a better person....

A made bed does seem more comfy when you crawl in at night than a tangled mess of sheets...
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Agreed.. but if we spent the same effort on ohh I dunno.. 10 years of war then this would be much more affordable. the Affordable World Domination Act seems to have gotten less attention...

(yes, snark, but why not?)
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Ok, 2 cents here...
1) Why aren't people as offended when they have to buy homeowners insurance or auto insurance? Where's your outrage when the government pays for flood insurance for people building in flood zones? Insuring sick people is no different... Why pick on health care?

2) Who in their right mind would rather have their employer choose their health insurance? You may not like 'government mandate' but every job I've had gave me one choice (if that) for health insurance and one price. And you like that BETTER? And when my employer decides to make a change, I have no choice. GREAT SYSTEM!

3) Governments purpose is to do things we can't do individually. Why do I pay for a bridge I don't drive over? (until I need to). Why pay for education? (until I want proper change from McDonalds) Why pay for roads? (Until I want food delivered from field to grocery store).

4) The tax is 1%. That's the biggest tax increase in history? I think not... I've had bigger increases than that in the last couple years on the state and local level (combined it's more than any savings from the Bush Cuts)

5) If you don't know any details about the Health Care Act please stop talking until you've understood how it BENEFITS you vs. the cost to you (if you know the cost either)... I'd rather see arguments of what you are RECEIVING for this cost vs. just rhetoric.

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There's also the angle that scholarships, etc are for 18-22 year olds. How much debt is for those 'adults' who are going later in life to change careers or advance themselves in a bad economy. there is far less aid if you aren't a traditional student... Between the housing crisis and this, 'mobility' in the workforce is at a minimum.
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