Earning Wi-Fi

The most genius parenting scheme of the modern age. I have three teenage girls who lived through their iPods this too-hot-to-go-outside summer, so I will be instituting this system immediately. -via Bits and Pieces

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Silly parent. "Make the bed" is a pointless exercise and we all know it.

The dog should be walked because going for a walk with their humans is all the dog ever wants anyway -- it's their favoritest thing _ever_ -- so making "walk the dog" a chore is backwards, it ought to be a reward instead.

And vacuuming is horrible. No wonder the parent wants to pawn it off on the kids. No wonder the kids don't want to do it either.

But the kids will probably just use the pinnacle human achievement (well, after pre-sliced bread) on something stupid like FaceTwit or BookSpace.
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Omg, I love it. My girl is only 3 months old so I'm filing this under future parenting tips. I do agree that making your bed is an exercise in futility... why mess up my perfect little nest of blankets? Dusting and dishes, now those are annoying chores.
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'A Chore' is bad and annoying...
'Doing Chores' builds character and makes you a better person....

A made bed does seem more comfy when you crawl in at night than a tangled mess of sheets...
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"Earning Wi-Fi"

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