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"... not counting the reboot."

What reboot? My friends have told me about this mythical beast, but I refuse to believe that such an abomination exists...
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I was there when Fiorella conducted her tests, and I can attest to the fact that she actually cheated.

For the series of one-foot drops, she tied a piece of sliced bread, butter-side-up, to Esther's back. Since the "Cat-Lands-On-Its-feet" force was countered by the "Bread-Lands-Butter-Side-Down" phenomenon, a paradox was created.

Since the cat does possess intelligence, she was able to influence the result, i.e. landing gracelessly on her side. Had she been a goldfish, with but a rudimentary awareness, the result of the experiment would have been the creation of a singularity...
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