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Synesthesia is when stimuli from one sense is perceived as sensation from a different sense, as in tasting colors and smelling music. Terri Timely created this video to illustrate the concept. -via DocPop

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I didnt know I had synthesia until they featured it on an ABC news program a few years ago. Mine involves the way my mind sees letters and numbers and those patterns of sequence. It was one of those situations where someone on the show was describing the same traits I had, and up until that time, I thought everyone saw letters and numbers the same way I did!
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I agree with MadMolecule. To me this is an artist who misnomed his artwork just as I could call my comment here something like "Thesis on why certain vid is not what it is- 469 pages long". ...

The white of my screen tastes slightly citrus while sounding palishly hissing and feeling like soft wool. The black symbols feel a bit like sawdust while they sound like distant rain with a taste of salty licorice while the temperature in the room where I sit rightnow tastes a bit like metal with a slight low humming sound. Even though sometimes it all is somewhat tiring and confusing, I also wouldn't want to miss it for the world.
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Actually, what MrJawbones is describing is grapheme-color synesthesia, the most common kind. I have this. My name, Robin, is Red-white-red-white-red. Like a candy cane. My boyfriend's name is Karl. It's green with bits of gold in it. I don't see these colors in real life, just in my mind's eye.
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I'm synesthetic. I can't speak for everyone, but that video was nothing like my experience. I mean, I get what they were trying to do, but sitting here looking at a computer video can't possibly compare to the actual experience. I wouldn't trade my synesthesia for anything; living without it seems boring.
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