Which is Better: Virtual Reality or Actual Reality?

Pixelated Geek blog posed an intriguing question: if you could live in a Virtual Reality world, would you be better off than living in the real one?

He was under the opinion that a VR (Virtual Reality) world would be far better than an actual world. We talked under the conditions that in the VR world: you would be medically fine and taken care of, you had enough information about the world to shape it as you wished, you
had potentially unlimited amount of time to be in the VR world.

His argument was that he could do anything he wanted to, So why not live in that space? You could learn in this space via online classes, which are popular for the busy and the reclusive. You could go on adventures like in your favorite video games. You could also be a god to some measure, with the space around you bending to your will.

Sounds like a solid gig. You could be who you want, do what you want, and be with who you wanted to.


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I think a bit part of the decision would be whether or not there were communal spaces. A VR would with only you in it I'd think would get very boring and lonely. If it have connectivity to it, then that would be something else. Even if only in certain 'areas' of the VR world.

Another thing to think about would be time-perception. If the VR was so immersive that a person could experience, say, hours of time, but only have 1 minute pass for their biological body, that would be very neat.

Also, everyone, go read Snow Crash. :)
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