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Spend a couple of weeks camping or working in the woods and you get used to those little critters walking over you. I don't like it when one walks on me when I am in my house, but it's not traumatic like it was when I was a kid. I also went to a pet shop and held a tarantula in my hand and that helped too.
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It's a billion dollar industry in the States. Read "Taken into Custody" by Stephen Baskerville. Lawyers, judges, court ordered psychologists, psychiatrists, court ordered mediators, transcribers, therapists, and some of the biggest bottom feeders of all, Friend of the court employees. No fault divorce usually means a man has to spend all of his money if he wants to see his children more than once every two weeks, and only half of it if he is willing to let mom's new boyfriend spend more time with his kids than he does.
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My kids grew up with lots of guns, but the nearest Canadian border is about 75 miles away. I'm sure they watch some American T.V. in Canada, it wouldn't surprise me if the kid saw a gun or two (thousand) there.
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You know that song is a lot older than the Animals. Nobody really knows who wrote it, but it was originally supposed to be sung from the perspective of a female. I think it's older than the civil war.
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