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Anyone can go to a hardware store and get a shotgun. No motion sickness required. Plus, your kids can sell it on Craig's list afterward.
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Well, I don't blame them for turning the ship back. The Emerald Ash borer beetle, which is causing so much tragedy in the USA, came from wooden pallets carrying cargo from China. I wish we could have turned that ship back too.
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"Also, I think the Marines have so much history and pithy quotes that they deserve their own list. Anybody got that one for us?"

General Butler would be right up there on that list:

Read "Maverick Marine" by Hans Schmidt. Subtitled "General Smedley D. Butler and the contradictions of American Military History."
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"There are more acres of forest in North America today than there were before the white man arrived 500 years ago."

Goober, everyone is untitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.
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