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Ayrton Senna, the best F1 driver of all times, was a terrible loss. He died May 1st, 1994, in Imola Circuit.

Now only he was a great driver, he was a great human being, the kind that makes a difference in the world. Even before he died, he created several institutions that help unprivileged children. These institutions still exist and are maintained by Senna's family.

One of the worst sides of his death is that it isn't entirely solved, even 'though 15 years have gone by. Frank Willians never got what he deserved for his part in Senna's death.

I used to waked up every Sunday morning to watch F1 races, to watch Senna drive and win, since Senna's very first F1 race.
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She said "me and my friends can tell where the US is in OUR map"...

well.. considering she is in the USofA, of course she can tell!!!

She should have said "... in a world map".

Dumb as ever!!!
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Boy, is she pretty!!! As long as she keeps her mouth shut!

Seriously now: I attented my senior HS year in Chautauqua, NY (Chautauqua Central School). Previously, I studied in Brazil. With that alone, I was able to graduate with honours, to win awards in math, US history and economics, etc.

School in US is so easy, compared to the rest of the world.
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That's not japanese.

As Chesh said, these are Chinese deaf girls, performing a dance in honour of Bodhisattva (, which is a Buddist entity. Search youtube for bodhisattva and you'll find references to this video.

This video has been on the internet for ages and it's been used in many motivational speeches and speeches about TEAM WORK: all the girls are DEAF!, Imagine what kinda training they have undergone in order to be able to present this beautifully.
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I'd be amazed if he did some backflips, like olympic gymnasts do! Now, those olympic gymnasts are people who truly amaze me... and Michael Jordan, who could fly!!!

Since he didn't do any of that, I call it bullshit! Big time BS.

If he did actually levitate, I'd expect to see him in all the scientific and religious publications, 60-Minutes, Late Night TV shows, meeting with the Pope, meeting with Bush, etc.
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I call it urban legend too.

Its impossible to be electrocuted by a computer, unless you're going for a Darwing Award :) ... in that case you deserved it.

First, the wirings are always insulated, and touching them is not a risk. I've done it.

Second, no personal computer I've heard of uses 380 VOLTS. It might have been 380 WATTS, which is quite different from 380V. Actually 380W is a quite common value for PSUs, specially for older computers.

The currents in the Power supply Unit (aka PSU) are rather high, but the voltages are low (12V max). A working PSU can give you a shocking experience (pun intended!), but not enough to kill. You either have low voltage and high current or high voltage and low current.

Touching the electronic circuits in the computer (like motherboard) will not kill you, and the motherboard will be damaged before you even feel the shock (I've been there!!). Voltages in the motherboard vary from -12V to +12V, so, if he was extremely unlucky, the most voltage he could get from the motherboard would be 24V.

In a 110V shock, studies show that you need at least 4 mA to even starting feeling the "tingling". A real shock starts at 300mA. An average size adult man needs at least 5A to die from a 110V shock. anything below that might not kill you, but might give you varying consequences, from brain and heart damage to severe burns.
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I've had this video for years. I've tried over and over to learn how to fold my shirts like this, but never got it right... all I've accomplished is to make them more wrinkled than before!
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