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Everyone in my local area has boring Wi-Fi names.

However my router proudly announces itself as 'Buster Gonad'.

Not sure how many people have tried to probe my network :)
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"A donut is another baked good with a hole in it, and we all know that a bagel and donut have little in common except the hole; indeed, a bagel and a donut have literally nothing in common"

Pedant alert:

You can't say they have things in common then say they 'have literally nothing in common'. Literally nothing? They are both brown. They are both eaten. They are both circular. And of course they both have a hole.

And now I just hate myself for pointing this out. I need a... sandwich.
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Life (real life that is) is too short to waste on this kind of...

...and I'm commenting on this story which is taking up a small part of my life isn't it? I'll stop now :)
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I thought this was a novel idea, until I realised exactly how many miniature/model villages there are in the world. They are certainly a common thing in my country, the UK. This one does have a different feel to it though - more of a claustrophobic experience I would have thought, plus I wouldn't recommend being in it if it started to rain!
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As a grown man it's not often I hide my face behind my hands and peek between my fingers, but this made me do exactly that. The discovery of my own squeamishness has brightened my day, so thanks for sharing... not! :)
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The one I notice most is the American use of the word 'couple' as in 'a couple days ago'. In English there is ALWAYS an 'of' after the word 'couple' in that type of sentence, so here it would be 'a couple of days ago'. I can't understand why there wouldn't be - if you used the word 'pair' instead, which has a near-identical meaning, would you ever say 'a pair days ago' or 'a pair shoes'?
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Of course there's always the already-widespread and very inexpensive 'shake torch' - shake for a minute and it gives you 10 minutes of light. Advantage: if the power runs down in the middle of the night you don't have to boot it around the house in the dark until it's recharged.
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When I quit, I drove my company car several hundred miles north from central England to northern Scotland and left it there, posting the keys back to the boss. It took two people 2 days to get it back - a 10 hour drive both ways, 2 people because the return journey involved the extra car.

Gestures such as these give you a huge amount of satisfaction :o)
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The picture on Neatorama was bad enough - chained monkey in clothes = bad. But 'the rest of the cuties at the link' are monkeys with their heads shoved inside doll heads. Chained, abused, forced to perform. Cruelty by any standard.

What were you thinking when you posted this on Neatorama, let alone with such a title and such a description? Delightful this is not.
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The league is called 'Major League Eating' and this is a report on NBC Sports. Nice. Perhaps we Brits should also celebrate July 4th too - independence from a country which would set up a commercial competitive eating league! Although we do have eating contests, none are given the, er, 'respectability' of professional league status. I'm not looking down on any of it, far from it - if I had a 'talent' such as his and could earn $10K in 10 minutes I'd definitely give it a try :o)
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