Delightful Monkeys In Masks & Costumes

While this little guy might not be in a mask like the others, I love this little guy's fashion statement. Be sure to check out the rest of the cuties at the link.


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The picture on Neatorama was bad enough - chained monkey in clothes = bad. But 'the rest of the cuties at the link' are monkeys with their heads shoved inside doll heads. Chained, abused, forced to perform. Cruelty by any standard.

What were you thinking when you posted this on Neatorama, let alone with such a title and such a description? Delightful this is not.
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Delightful? FU. A lot of the united states stopped freak shows for a good reason; the deplorable treatment of it's performers. animals do not choose to be there, they are forced to dance, wear clothes, be chained up, locked in small cages when not performing and are stolen from the natural environment in which they thrive. This type f activity may look harmless but it is the equivalent, mentally, to locking up a child in room for years without socialization. Here's how those children end up. Seriously, neat, you are failing in so many ways.
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Hey it tickles someone's fancy.

"I saw a preacher man in cuffs
He'd taken money from the church
He'd stuffed his bank account with righteous
Dollar bills

But even still I can't say much
Because I know we're all the same
Oh yes we all seek out to satisfy those thrills

You know there ain't no rest for the wicked" - Cage the Elephant
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i try to follow the "if you don't have anything nice to say - don't say anything" rule. i'm also not one to shout "animal cruelty" everytime someone dresses a dog up in some dumb outfit...but this is wrong, wrong, wrong.
the article itself calls it cruel. can you imagine wearing a rubber doll head the way these poor monkeys are being forced to wear. it has to be hot and no doubt obscures their vision/hearing. also, do you think they wear these willingly? what do you think the 'training' consisted of?
this is the complete opposite of "delightful". it's sickening.
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Saw this on a Russian blog a few days ago. I would like to add that there are some images that are not included with the ones in the link above, that I would not describe as delightful.
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