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No.1 - Jupiter has 67 moons not 4
No.2 - The Gas Giants are Jupiter and Saturn only
No.3 - They are the Galilean Moons, not all of Jupiter's Moons.
No.4 - Galileo discovered the largest of Jupiter's Moons not all of them.
No.5 - Correct!
No.6 - Correct!.
No.7 - Correct! It was also the first planet discovered with a telescope.
No.8 - Correct!
No.9 - Correct!
No.10 - Pluto was reclassified as a Dwarf Planet not Black Hole.
No.11 - Correct!
No.12 - There are four, Earth is missing.
No.13 - Correct!
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Well at least we could talk in the 90's. Apparently this guy is unable to without swearing.

Needs a major NSFW warning. I lasted about a minute before I wanted to punch the guy.
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Relativistic effects? Isnt an observers perception of the speed of light a constant? The hitter would see the ball slow to an almost imperceptible speed while the pitcher would see the ball take a lifetime to reach the target?

Also wouldn't the hitter simply vapourise without moving perceptibly since the blast wave would have enough energy to rip apart his atoms at the moment of transfer of momentum?

Pure guesswork on my part
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I'm from the UK...welcome to the wonderful world of post-greatness angst.

We're still trying to cope with it and its been like 70 years or something since we disappeared down a plug hole after WWII.

I'm sure the US will come back at some point.
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