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People whining about socialism: There is a currency is there not? It's just consolidated. This is not socialism. You need to shut up.
@John: As an American citizen, I would be overjoyed by America losing it's economic dominance. For more, see the recession.
I think this is a good idea.
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Vin: They don't have quality. They also don't have anything that is not bottom of the false bottom of the barrel, in which mucus and mold have been festering and growing for aeons, shit.
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Irony is NOT sarcasm. Irony is (usually but not always, as pointed out above) the use of words to mean the opposite of something. "The man was a coach, yet ironically, he was grossly obese."
"He claimed to have graduated from a liberal-arts college, yet ironically he was quite illiterate."
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They were nice for the most part. However, I didn't like the ones about things like "centered subjects", etc. since that often makes for bland, run of the mill type photos.
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Alex, have you ever considered that maybe you're doing something wrong? If people are so disappointed, shouldn't there be a change? Or should it just be ignored, the way its done? Yes, this isn't the first such occasion, and it won't be the last, but that is no justification.
-Same anon.
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What is with these headlines?
"Daughter Helps Dad Fight Cancer … By Breastfeeding Him!" FAIL
"Daughter helps dad fight cancer by donating breast milk" WIN
Although I guess no matter how much I pour my heart out here, Alex doesn't give a shit.
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Methinks the school administration is running out of things to do. I would be more afraid of this rampant PC spree than of the finer points of the negative connotations associated with the word 'school'.
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Yes, Churchill was horrible. Let's all ignore the fact that if England hadn't participated in WWII, then there would be no Jews left on the face of the Earth, a whole culture WHICH SPAWNED MOST MODERN RELIGIONS and PREDATED ALL RELIGIONS BESIDES IDOLATRY. Let's just ignore that and say that Churchill was terrible just to be an idiot.
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What is this? This education system is what is wrong with our country. America is falling behind rapidly in intelligence of residents. And what the hell? Apologize for winning? When someone gets promoted, and you don't, does that mean that they apologize? Do CEO's apologize to hobos? It's another question whether the losing team should have forfeited (I think so).
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