WalMart Fails At Twitter

If you, for some weird reason or another, have any interest in signing up to WalMart's Twitter feed, be prepared to agree to a 3,379 word long (lord only knows how many characters) Terms of Use.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Twitter myself, but I do understand that the main attraction is the simplicity of limiting things to 140 characters or less. It kind of defeats the purpose when you have a TOS this long.

Link Via BoingBoing

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It's less that they're not all that bad of a company (not the evil, crippling crap-machine people make it out to be), but this EULA is just ridiculous. It's obvious they're just trying to not be sued, but they don't seem to realize that not everyone will actually use their site to follow their feed. It's basically a waste of words, space, and lawyers.

That said, it's probably there to cover their ass if someone tries to sue them for any reason involving their feed. There are people who would try, so they're probably just betting on it.

This is non sequitur, but with the text in front of it, the Neatorama space guy looks vaguely like a Cyberman from 'Doctor Who'. Thought everyone should know.
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Vin: They don't have quality. They also don't have anything that is not bottom of the false bottom of the barrel, in which mucus and mold have been festering and growing for aeons, shit.
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