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it's pretty sad that we need to have 'extra info' added explaining that this child has medical issues - just so people won't rip him to shreds. do you really require a medical reason to prevent you from making fun of a child? why do so many go right for the insults? maybe you'd think twice if your child had something that set him/her apart from other children. it's really sickening how people have jumped on this poor kid - for just having fun, being himself and making a cute video.
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i think he's adorable. what is with all the people jumping on every negative aspect and disecting this poor kid without knowing what's going on? even if his parents were somehow to blame - that shouldn't make HIM the object of ridicule. he's just a kid. to the adults that said nasty things about him - you really should be ashamed of yourselves. you know your kids pick up these things and will go on to make fun of others as well - not a nice trait. as a kid who was picked on in school - let me tell you, it's hell. why not just enjoy a cute little boy lip synching to the 'Cuppy Cake' song? why does it have to get all nasty?
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