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God does love complicated DNA. I earned three degrees to study it so yes, I know. But God's sense of humor is very well developed unlike that of those who troll this site. Am implying that some evolutionist fool will screw up the logic behind the beauty and complexity of DNA to FIT their own machinations and theory. Get it now geniuses? Thought so...

BTW, the Lord has used some rather "dirty" language to describe those who drink from the god of this world's fountain. Might want to brush up on scripture but I suspect you all are too good for that.
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Oh no worries. Some A-hole evolutionist will arrive at a pat b.s.
theory to explain the discrepancy. Then society will eagerly swallow it
just as they do all the cum that dribbles out of the collective
neo-darwinist cock.
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My family owned 2 pintos. Great cars. Ran well, had lasting power.
The hair on the back of my burnt-out head has finally grown in from that rear-end accident oh, back in '72.
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He needs a girlfriend. Instead, he's in an unnatural environment and is psychologically disturbed. Wild animals aren't meant to fulfill selfish, narcissistic human control freaks, Get an ear piercing, buy a stupid sports car and let the rat out of his cage - permanently.
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Considering how he's helped himself over the years to our government goodies and benefited greatly from the massive financial scam/rip-off orchestrated monetary disaster of late I'd say he can afford to be a ballsy "funny" guy and live large. Just another "son of cain" and a distraction to the rest of you idjuts who voted the great "Zero" into office
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As someone who's lived in the southwest for years off and on,
I can attest to the fact that teen pregnancy is encouraged in the Latino
community - have seen mothers of teens put the expectation/pressure of pregnancy onto a teen so that the girl will bring home a bambino to "gramma" to raise. To a degree this also happens in the black community.
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Years back where I worked, a black farmer who'd undergone upper and lower GI barium studies, had his doctor's head scratching over what to do for him since the studies came back normal. The farmer was sent home after 2 days in the hospital. Well...24 hrs. later... the farmer shows up in the lab carrying a huge mason jar with one VErrryyy long roundworm (ascaris species). The doc hadn't bothered to test for parasites while his patient was an inhouse. Poor farmer damned near turned white when he saw it in the toilet. Needless to say, he let his M.D. "have" it the next day and got his prescription to clear out any more critters that hadn't been killed by the barium.
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