Interview With A Capybara Owner

Capybara owner Melanie Typaldos gave a great interview about her unusual pet on the Estatic Days blog. Her pet is named Caplin Rous as in Rodents Of Unusual Size from the Princess Bride. Some of her stories about walking Caplin Rous are priceless. Read the whole thing for some great fun, but here's a few highlights:
"In a single word, I would describe him as needy. He always wants to be with me and can “eep” loudly if he knows I am nearby but he can’t get to me. He follows me around the house and the yard and expects me to watch him while he swims or grazes. He panics if he doesn’t know where I am. When he thinks it’s time for me to come home from work, he will go to the gate and wait for me."

"When people hear him they are always amazed. His voice is often mistaken for a birdsong. When he’s nervous he sounds like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. When he’s happy he sounds like a Geiger counter."


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I have known about capybaras for over forty years.
There is nothing wrong with having one as a pet
as long as you know what you are doing ahead of time.
They are primarily outdoor animals and need to gnaw
on hardwood to keep their teeth in good condition.
AND PLEASE REMEMBER,they are vegetarians.
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While I agree that capybaras shouldn't be kept as pets by the general public, I believe Caplin's owner has done more than most dog and cat owners do. You people are judging this lady on this one article, yet if you took the time to read more about her, you'd find that she educates people all the time about this unusual animal. She has written a children's book, and has a website for Caplin as well.
Just because Caplin is not a more common pet like a dog or cat, doesn't mean he can't be a great pet for the right owner. He's a rodent, and by his very nature has the ability to adapt, as can be seen in the various videos he has. As with ANY animal, research is the key.
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