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I've grown up in Bradford since i was 5 and never knew this story! You learn something new every day!
Strange how i heard a local tale via the internet from an American based website! lol.
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Is kind of similar to the new rubberduckzilla campaign oasis are running. Their website uses augmented reality video games to promote the drink.
I'm working with Oasis on this one, and been trying to get a high score on the games on the website - check them out http://www.rubberduckzilla.com
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I love this idea!! not so sure about it being a good idea for a kids room, once they're told it's ok to colour in the walls, the colouring may go beyond their own walls!!

But i still want some for my walls though!!
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These "conventional" type bulbs have now been outlawed in the UK and most of Europe. From 2010 no one will be able to sell them, only the new "low energy" bulbs.

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ha ha they have a lot of confidence in their product using suasages to demonstrate it!! I want to see what happens when you use a real finger!!! That tiny nick in the sausage could still cause a lot of bleeding!!

Maybe an experiment for Jackass to try out??
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Address and rout of the chase:

This should bring up a route on gmaps pedometer, the route starts where the police put his lights on, and ends in the police station car park (as shown in the last pic)

I was started running round the block expecting the google car to pull over and was wanting to get a great shot of the car with police car behind with lights on, officer out giving a ticket etc, but he decided he would keep on driving and i guess pull in somewhere away from all the busy commuters or something.
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