A Circular Table Saw That Won't Cut Off Your Fingers

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Pretty clever:

The blade carries a small electrical charge. This charge is continuously monitored by a digital signal processor. When contact is made, the human body absorbs some of the charge, causing the voltage to drop. The drop in voltage triggers a quick release aluminum brake. A heavy duty spring forces the brake into the teeth of the spinning blade. The teeth dig into the aluminum, stopping the blade cold. The blade's momentum forces it to retract below the table, and the motor is automatically shut off.

Via Geekologie

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I've just looked at their website and see that they've posted some photos of fingers and thumbs that have triggered the saw. They've got a pretty good nick but nothing compared to losing part of your body. My friend's father just cut part of his thumb off with a table saw. I do agree with those who say that this should not be mandated by the government.
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To Roadnate;
Dude after cutting thousands upon thousands of the same size pieces of wood per day you tend to get lulled into a bit of a fall sense of security. It's not always that easy to pay attention to what you're doing when your boss is on your back demanding you go faster...
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