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Living With Jigsaw

(YouTube link)

Jigsaw, from the Saw movie series, was a terrifying villain, but what kind of roommate would he make? He'd probably stay in his room all the time, but then there's his awful puppet Billy that never stops talking. And he has no consideration for his roommates, either. If this were me, he'd be out looking for another place in no time! But that might have repercussions… see, I still haven't seen the movies. -via Tastefully Offensive

A Relationship in 5 Minutes

(YouTube link)

Autumn Stein and Matthew C. Flynn act out an entire relationship condensed down to five minutes. Granted, it's not a long-term relationship, and you can see why, -in fact it's like watching a train wreck in places: "No, don't say that! You'll be sorry!"

It's one of those things that last a year or two on your way to learning about how to make a good thing work. You might not like the people that are portrayed, but you have to admit that the actors do a good job making them seem real. Let's hope the characters learn something about how not to wreck a relationship! Contains adult subject matter. -Thanks, Forest!

"I'll take anyone. Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. I don't care. And I would be really appreciative. The best I could be."

Davion, wearing his only suit gets a little help with his tie from his caseworker.
Photo: Melissa Lyttle/Tampa Bay Times

Teenager Davion Navar Henry Only once heard that God helps those who help themselves, so he decided to do something about what he wanted most: a family.

Davion was born while his mother was in jail. He has spent his entire childhood in countless foster homes. A few months ago, Davion found out that his birth mother had just died, and decided that he needed to let go of his anger, improve his grades, and turn his life around. That, and find a family - fast - because he's already 15 years old and will "age out" out of the foster care system in just three years.

So, Davion came up with a plan: he'd present himself as available for adoption to the congregation of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. "I'll take anyone," Davion said to Tampa Bay Times, "Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. I don't care. And I would be really appreciative. The best I could be."

Earlier this month, Davion and his caseworker came to Sunday's sermon. The young man fidgeted in his suit while the preacher spoke about orphans and how Jesus lifted them up, saying that an alarming number of African-American children need help finding families. Then, it was Davion's turn:

Then he introduced Davion, who shuffled to the pulpit. Without looking up, Davion wiped his palms on his pants, cleared his throat, and said:

"My name is Davion and I've been in foster care since I was born. . . . I know God hasn't given up on me. So I'm not giving up either."

Read more about Davion's story over at this article by Lane DeGregory over at Tampa Bay Times.

Laser Pointer Distractions

You're easily distracted, but think of it as a survival mechanism. Primitive hominids had to worry about their brains overheating from overuse. Now technology has freed humanity from that curse forever, as John McNamee illustrates in this comic.

New Profession: Chicken Veterinarian

(Photo: Matt Seppings)

If you have dogs or cats, you can go to a general practice small animal veterinarian for pet medical care. If you have snakes, parrots or, as I once did, rabbits, then you can track down a trained exotic animal veterinarian.

But what if you have pet chickens? There are about 260 veterinarians in the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, but most of them work in the livestock industry. Their approach to chicken medical care may be inappropriate for a pet. Jon Kamp, who is apparently paid on a per-pun basis, writes in The New York Times:

"If there's something wrong with a commercial chicken, it's 'Cut its head off and find out what's wrong with the flock'," says Cheryl Greenacre, an associate professor of avian and zoological medicine at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in Knoxville.

That doesn't roost well with backyard bird fans, many of whom hopped on the poultry bandwagon in search of self-sufficient, grow-local lifestyles.

Some veterinarians, however, are trying to meet this emerging market for chicken medical care:

Marli Lintner, a vet in Lake Oswego, Ore., with chicken expertise, says she commonly performs hysterectomies and stitches up fowl that have been wounded by predators.

In Tennessee, Dr. Greenacre performed a surgery last month to remove a clutch of stuck eggs from Dolly Poulet, a petite, white chicken. Owner Stephen Brown, a 40-year-old in Knoxville who runs giftware company Glitterville, spent roughly $2,000 but was thrilled with the outcome after getting spurned by other vets, one of whom told him chickens were "disposable" livestock.

-via Brian J. Noggle

Hardcore Skateboard

Redditor Pirani writes, "My mom agreed to paint whatever I asked onto the bottom of my longboard. I never thought she'd give into my request, nor did I think she'd do it so well..." Other redditors advise her to do this professionally and I enthusiastically agree. There's money to be made at this level of awesomeness.


Driver on Cell Phone Causes Accident, Gets What's Coming to Him

(Video Link)

It was all caught on a Russian dashcam (of course). A driver on a cell phone caused an accident. The victim in the other car was unhurt. As you can see in this video, he reaches into the perpetrator's car, grabs the cell phone and smashes it on the ground.

-via Jalopnik

America’s Forgotten Pin-Up Girl

Among the many popular pinup illustrations of the 20th century, the character called Hilda is one of the most delightful, if rarely seen these days. Created by artist Duane Bryers, Hilda was a woman of dimension. She was pleasingly plump (without the belly that real women have), but more than that, she was pictured in real-life situations, having fun and reacting to surprises, instead of the standard sexy poses and sultry stares of other pinups. Hilda graced American calendars from the 1950s to the 1980s. See more of her at Messy Nessy. No actual nudity, but some images may be NSFW. Link -via Metafilter

Picnic Launch

Behold this work of genius. What a way to spend a day on the lake! Redditors had some suggestions for a reality TV show based on these two guys: Dock Dynasty, Pond Stars, RelAX Men, and American Picnickers. Link

Release the Kraken!

(YouTube link)

What happens when you combine NH4Cr2O7 and HgSCN and expose it to fire? A portal to hell opens up and the most dreaded denizen of the deepest slime is awakened. Whatever these chemicals are, they are dangerous, and the reaction is even more dangerous, so don't ever do this. But it is a guaranteed way to make a class of children yell "Kraken! Kraken!" no matter what their language. -via Geeks Are Sexy

How to Keep Your Shoes Clean While Crossing a Flooded Street

There's no need to get your shoes wet and dirty crossing the flooded street. Why don't you, y'know, take off your shoes?

Here's why: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Arbroath

How Big is the Ocean?

(YouTube link)

How big is the ocean? It's really big! You know it covers more of the Earth's surface than land does, but the exact proportions may surprise you. We don't much about how really vast it is, because we don't live there. But most of Earth's living things do! Scott Glass makes it all real in the TED-Ed video. -via the Presurfer

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