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This was an extended cut scene that later became The Star Wars Halloween Horror Special, Co-starring Bea Arthur. It was aired once in Fargo, North Dakota in late October 1982, never to be seen again.
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Those are the stores I refuse to patronize. I can't stand being made to feel like a criminal just because I am carrying merchandise out of the store. It's bad enough when a cashier doesn't manage to demagnetize the EM tag in something I buy and the alarm goes off when I walk out the door.
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My neighbor's a vet. I once mused she could keep a pen behind the office with a hen of most breeds represented. When someone brought a sick hen in, she could take it to the back, bring out a healthy one and voila, "Chicken fixed, $50 please."
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I choose option 3 - the government has no business in marriage, period. Not to prescribe or proscribe it, tax it, reward it, license it, laud it, or wag a finger at it.

Both sides are wrong, because both sides want to violate one half of the twin rights of free association/dissociation. One would keep those who want to associate freely apart, but they are losing. The winning side would force, under pain of robbery and cages, others to support something they disapprove of, and will deny them the right to abstain at all levels.

Government has no more business in marriages than it has in baptisms.
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