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Jokes from Reddit:
Their next album after that will be inspired by Michael Jackson and be named Hee Hees.
Their following album will be inspired by R Kelly and be named Pee Pees.
And after that, their next album will also be inspired by Dolly Parton and be named DD's.
Following on the success of that album, they will release their first hip hop/ disco crossover album and be named the Foo Gees.
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Exactly. Where I live is out in the country, a few miles from a small town. My options are:

DSL: 1.5 Mb, good ping, no limits
Cell Modem: ~1.5 Mb, decent ping, 2GB per month, expensive
Satellite: Varies, bad ping, horrible connection throttling

So I'm on DSL, but no high-def video for me. I don't have an option that is anywhere NEAR the lowest speed depicted on that chart. And my area is not that remote.
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