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Ok, I'm from New Orleans. That is the most dangerous city in the U.S. It floods frequently, there are alligators, poisonous reptiles, and black widow spiders at every turn. Oh, and I forgot, stay out of downtown after dark.
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The End? I can't wait!!

Pros: If June 12, is the official...
...I got dibs on Florida.

Cons: I'm going to miss: The Hulk, The Happening, The Dark Knight, and most important, Harry Potter.
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I can't believe that almost everybody is so cynical, and ready to say it's fake.

1. My Office, (In America) still has a few 15' monitors left. Not every company has a big budget for fancy flat screens.

2. I've seen people go ape-sh*t in my office or other places. People tend to stare, because they are shocked or want to watch. Especially here in NYC.

3. If a Man is going psycho, he can easily pull a monitor loose from a computer. Remember, there are two tiny little screws holding it in place, and a man raging would be able to rip them off.

4. If you are a woman, and a raging hostile guy hurls a monitor into your lap, who's to say you wouldn't be in shock and just freeze? I say it's real.
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Yeah yeah yeah... So it's still technically a female that is pregnant. Call back and let us know when a guy like Arnold Schwarzennegar (See the movie: Junior) gets preggers. M'kay?
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I quit shopping at Wal-Mart this year.
I hate that company.
The stores are filthy, the product is cheap
yet crappy, and now they are going after mentally disabled. Wal-Mart has enough money. Boycott!!!
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