The Museum of Unworkable Devices

The Museum of Unworkable Devices is one of those sites everyone on the internet should visit at least once.
This museum is a celebration of fascinating devices that don't work. It houses diverse examples of the perverse genius of inventors who refused to let their thinking be intimidated by the laws of nature, remaining optimistic in the face of repeated failures. Watch and be amazed as we bring to life eccentric and even intricate perpetual motion machines that have remained steadfastly unmoving since their inception. Marvel at the ingenuity of the human mind, as it reinvents the square wheel in all of its possible variations. Exercise your mind to puzzle out exactly why they don't work as the inventors intended.

There’s a special emphasis on the Holy Grail of engineering, the perpetual motion machine. Alex has posted about the museum before, but that was in 2005 when Neatorama was very young. Link -via the Presurfer

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I remember saying to my Physics teacher that we could solve all of our energy problems by putting hamsters into a giant wheel and they would power it with their running. He was not amused. :(
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Neat site! Heh, the perpetual motion part makes me think of that Homer Simpson quote - "This perpetual motion machine she made is a joke: It just keeps going faster and faster. Lisa, get in here! In this house, we obey the laws of THERMODYNAMICS!"
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