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This reminds me of when I was a little girl and my mom would make pictures scenes out of raw veggies and fruit. Yes, I was spoiled. I can't help it. Mom had a garden. We had to eat the veggies, and couldn't afford much more than that, so she made it fun!
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I see this all the time. There is a beautiful mountain where I live - in fact, the Blue Ridge Parkway runs right across the top of this mountain. I drove toward the mountain a few days ago and noticed that a GIANT patch on the side has been completely clear cut and the dirt is exposed. It looks as if the mountain is bleeding. Tears sprung to my eyes when I saw it!
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Trees with old root systems fascinate me. I can't believe they can grow so many times out of one root system. In fact, a root system here in the US is actually the largest organism in the world (thank neatorama for my education :)
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This is why I don't own a dog. You can leave a cat at home when your own vacation - just get the neighbor or someone in the family to stop in once a day to feed/empty box. You have to take a dog with you when you go places. It is worse than a kid!
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I'm all about having a private place in the middle of nowhere to escape to. Thoreau and Emerson were right. For me, its not about the end of the world, it is more about escaping my teaching career/smothering family/crazy friends.
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Place name stories are wonderful. My parents live in a little community called TOAST. There are many conflicting stories about why it has that name. I encourage everyone to seek out the story behind the name of your hometown and the place you currently live (which may be the same, as in my case).
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Spectacular happenings should be captured! This is the point! I LOVE this commercial! The part at the beginnign where the foam is held back by a large cloth and released - beautiful! I also love the simple piano music. I wish I was there!
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