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@andiscandis - I think they looped around for another dance down the aisle, because I saw the groom earlier, then he appeared at the end when they came down as a group.
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At first, I wasn't going to watch this. As a woman in an 8 year relationship with no marriage day in sight, I'm at the point were the mention of a wedding can bring me to tears. I sort of thought this might be a mockery. Boy was I wrong!
I was in tears of joy before it was over. This truly took something that is usually quite subdued, traditional, and non-celebratory, and bumped it up about a thousand notches. These people were having a ball, and I can't believe some people are making fun of them. Did you actually watch the whole video? This is what a wedding should be - A celebration of happiness, joy, and LOVE!
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I would bet money that the girl in the middle has had eye-widening surgery. It is an extremely popular trend in Japan, and it has been linked to the anime popularity and the idea that that type of girl, with the wide eyes, is desirable. I don't know if this is true, but she does not look Japanese to me, so this defeats the whole thing, in my opinion.
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I am a high school teacher in NC with an unemployed spouse (very bad job market here) living in a small town and we have existed on way less than that for almost two years now. Before that, we were in college and living off of student loan money, and I actually had MORE to spend on groceries than I do now, with a good job. Here in NC, teachers make less than fast food workers; however, cost of living is less. I get by because I use lots of coupons, shop at Bottom Dollar, which is a local discount grocery chain (owned by Food Lion), where I bag my own groceries (no baggers=cheaper prices), and I also shop at a local fruit and veggies stand. I also use Angel Food Ministries, who have a $30 food box each month. With all of this, I probably spend $150max a month on groceries.
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Oh my gosh, french toast grilled cheese is the most wonderful thing on earth. I though that was something my mother invented when I was little. My boyfriend gags when I make it.
When I was a little girl, the only thing I would eat were grilled cheese sandwiches. I hated everything a kid likes - pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets - but I did eat brussel sprouts, asparagas, and things like that. And grilled cheese. Now I love a good havarti on sourdough with granny smith apples. Best grilled cheese ever!
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No kidding, a kid came dressed as a pimp to my parents house. He was with his dad, who was also dressed like a pimp, and his mom, who was slinking around in the shadows, probably embarrassed.
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Penguins wearing things are so cute! Remember the penguin sweaters? There is even a pattern on the website so you can knit your own penguin sweater and send it to a needy penguin!
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