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I believe that's danish bacon. That's pretty much the standard bacon of Europe. Streaky, or rasher bacon is a not as common, although it available.
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Adapting, learning, using tools. It's exciting to watch the spark of invention and creativity grow in another species. The mind boggles to think of where gorillas will be in a 10,000 years.
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When I was a little girl, we always kept butter on the counter. Doesn't seem like anyone really does that anymore. That said, my husband is English, and they tend to prefer margarine.
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Liam - If your perception is that Inki is just a typical black character ... I'm not even sure how to finish this sentence. Give the issues that your country has had with the Aboriginal people, I'm amazed that Inki isn't considered wildly racist and offensive.
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Ekaj - Are you kidding? China is well known for it's knockoff stuff. They had fake fully functioning Apple stores. It's not racism, it's just the truth.
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Zardoz -

As I recall from my latin classes, "quid pro quo" literally means "what for which". so it's not totally without meaning. "Qui pro quo" means "who for which", for what that's worth. If that's taken to misunderstanding, so be it.

I think the original phrase makes more sense. Essentially, it asks "what is given for which thing.
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