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number1guy - Your friends, one would assume, are sentient beings. They are aware. They know that when you've scared them, it was you. They know they're not actually about to die. You can explain things to them.
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Stigs -

I don't know that toast counts. You can toast a lot of things that aren't bread. You can toast shredded coconut, almonds, pecans, ravioli, cheese, chickpeas, couscous ... well, I won't list them all.
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Not That Amy -

I have no doubt that you are completely right. Nor does he believe a girl might be able to take a tackle, get up, dust herself off, then sling some great trash talk. Women can be fierce and amazing, and it likely annoys the hell out of him.
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Craig -

The only damaging allegations I can see would happen if the males involved were of adult age, which they are not. A 15 year old boy touching a 15 year old girl is not a crime. Hell, when I was 15, it was downright fun.

But I do believe that kids of this age know the difference between accidental or sports related touching and what happens off the field.

I notice you didn't acknowledge my comments about gay children. I see we've found your "no-go" area. Can't handle it, eh?
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Craig -

I ignored it because it seems like you're obsessed with sex, which is actually really funny. Adults of the opposite sex can accidentally touch each other, and have it not be sexual. It's a brief moment in sports. You get up dust yourself off and keep playing. This is not a big deal.

Let me put this in a way that will make you uncomfortable :) There are boys on that field who are probably gay. They've probably seen the other boys in the shower, or accidentally touched their bums out on the field. And you know what? It doesn't mean ANYTHING! When you're playing sports, your playing sports. If you want to court and pet, it happens ooff field.

Grow up Craig, for the good of all of us.
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Craig -

Feel free to live in the dark ages, but don't drag the rest of us back with you. I'm happy to rough house from time to time, and love to play softball with the guys. I can do that, and I can be a wife to a guy that treats well. Women are capable of more than you think. We're not fragile or made of eggshells. Heck, women give birth. We're damned tough.
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I just did a little research on the group that runs this school. They are lead by this man:

He's a holocaust denier and all around horrible person. Enjoy!
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So, if a girl doesn't belong on the playing field, where does she belong? I can only assume these boys think this girl is good for nothing but growing up to either be a mommy or a nun. How totally depressing.
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Hey, JP, regardless of this story, your idea of sin doesn't apply. You know why? Because some people don't share your beliefs or faith. Religious belief is NOT LAW. Well it is in Muslim countries, but I prefer our free, secular society.
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