The Coolest Absence Excuse Note Ever

Fifth gader Tyler Sullivan has probably got the best absence excuse note ever:

It's not every day you get a chance to see President Obama speak — and it's even rarer to watch him get introduced by your dad. That's why fifth grader Tyler Sullivan made the wise choice to skip school and head to the Honeywell factory where his dad, Ryan Sullivan, works.

There, Tyler got to meet Obama, and received what may be the coolest absence note ever.

I love the stationery that simply says "The President" on the bottom! Link - via Fark

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Coolest ever? Why? Because he's half black or because he's a Democrate or because... why? If it's because he's half black, that's a pretty lame reason. If a person's color is not supposed to matter, then it's not supposed to matter.
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Ignatius, are you an idiot? The most powerful politician in the world signed a fifth graders absence excuse. Thats pretty frickin cool. What does being half black, being a democrat or whatever stupid thought that comes to your mind have to do with anything?
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Ignatius...perhaps it is just cool because it is the President of the USA. Not everything has to be about race, religion, or political affiliation.

If I was a kid, that would be a pretty cool thing to bring to school.
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