Toastie Knife

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Okay, all together now ...slap ourselves in the face and say, "Why did I think of that?" The world has been waiting for a heated knife to spread butter or margarine straight from the refrigerator! -via Buzzfeed

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30 seconds for the knife to heat up? Nifty idea, but my butter from the fridge is good for spreading after 6 seconds in the microwave and no special knife needed.
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Or, you could just leave the butter on the counter and covered. That way it's soft when you're ready to spread it. Contrary to popular belief, butter will not spoil for several weeks at room temperature.

Don't even get me started on Mustard...

There are a ton of things people think they need to keep in the fridge, that don't need to be there, and just make life harder.
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When I was a little girl, we always kept butter on the counter. Doesn't seem like anyone really does that anymore. That said, my husband is English, and they tend to prefer margarine.
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The one problem with butter on the counter is nasty roommates... One of my roommates in college used butter, in a cute little metal cover, on top of the microwave, beside the toaster. I used margarine, in the fridge. Hers attracted maggots. LOTS of maggots. After how many times I cleaned up after her various other cooking messes, I left that one for her to discover all on her own... }:)
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