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Who will save our scrolls! Books aren't as good, only the rich can afford them, they have to be bound and given covers.

I can get all the books he listed online and some of these books are hard to find in brick and mortar bookstores.

There will always be book stores and libraries, they will just move online and stop killing trees. I'm sure he feels threatened now that anyone can publish a book, but the cream should rise to the top just like with anything else.
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Nobody's going to save the book industry : internet cost killing approach is burning the libraries, among other things. Be glad we still love hard covers and paperbacks and that there is no 'kindle' revolution erasing books like the CDs are being erased...
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That is really stupid thing to say. You wouldn't save 12 million Jews, or 50 million people overall, you would kill a woman whose ideas don't agree with yours?

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"Presidential experts" = Liberal activists

How do you even rank a standing president who's contributions to history are yet to be determined?

I think this list says more about the political bias in our education system than it does about the presidents.
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Wow, liberal circle jerk if I've ever seen one. And the categories are dumb also. Luck?

Putting Obama as 15 when his term is only half over says everything in this poll by "presidential experts". Especially when he is put above presidents like John Adams.
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