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You literally just glossed over our own experiences as men after telling us in the OP we couldn't understand because we're not women. You mansplained.

On the bike: Guys do stupid things around women, and even more-so if there's romantic interest. That may include pretending to know something they don't. Men actually do similar things around other fellas: We out-BS each other. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull. Alpha/beta stuff.

The cramps woman is well past menopause, so yeah the doc had outdated info. Sounds like he was treating her like a man (e.g., "walk it off") or maybe muscle cramps in general. As a young troubled teen child of the then-rare early '80s broken family, a female therapist had me handle emotions like a woman would. The emotional habits learned in those formative years screwed up my life for two decades--but sure, what either of your male OB/GYNs said was far worse.

Can you at least give me the answer to the epidural question, since that may be what the paramedic was talking about?
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As you said, women do it as well. If a woman ever tells you how to feel, or how you should react, or even to just "not be horny", she's womansplaining (if we go by the above standards). Much of third-wave feminism also revolves around women telling men how to act. You know, like telling men they shouldn't offer advice to women, whether mere acquaintances or experts in their own field.

It's interesting that Jill complains about the men who question women with expertise on a subject, then goes on to do the same with male doctors and paramedics--despite their expertise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (PS: Doctors aren't infallible, even the women ones)

And, do they not do epidurals for women giving birth, anymore? I know I'm a man, and all, but word is that's even better than po0ping.
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This is a paragraph that actually made it from someone's brain to his keyboard:

They hear "blah blah communism" and immediately start screaming about how "that Liberal should be shot!", as if this is a fair and equal reaction to hearing a word they think means "takes my money and gives it to lazy people".
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Very interesting--and to think I almost didn't click! I wonder if this appeals mostly to a very specific generation of late Boomers and early Gen Xers?

SPLHCB album: 1967
All This and World War II album: 1976
Star Wars: 1977
SPLHCB movie: 1978
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