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This is a paragraph that actually made it from someone's brain to his keyboard:

They hear "blah blah communism" and immediately start screaming about how "that Liberal should be shot!", as if this is a fair and equal reaction to hearing a word they think means "takes my money and gives it to lazy people".
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Very interesting--and to think I almost didn't click! I wonder if this appeals mostly to a very specific generation of late Boomers and early Gen Xers?

SPLHCB album: 1967
All This and World War II album: 1976
Star Wars: 1977
SPLHCB movie: 1978
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None of the quoted paragraphs make sense to me. As I read it, both parts of this line tell me the exact same thing; that kids suffer when not pushed toward independence:

"The researchers found that young women are negatively affected by helicopter parenting, while young men suffer when parents don’t encourage independence."

I may look further into it, but that you already did and found little doesn't inspire me to do so. On the surface it sounds like a bunch of gobbledygook riding on recent news -- not too unlike that recent Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad.
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The school is around 98% Latino. I'm not saying it could be because of race, but there could be some cultural stuff going on. Carnes even suggests in the article that some countries use military time.
Anyway, the original article doesn't say if the 150 students were only from that school or if it was throughout the city.
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I think our ALDI is built more for getting customers out than keeping them around. Anecdotally speaking, I'd suggest it may be a good buffer against the big stores with a multitude of choices—plus, we save about one third of our grocery bill.

A down side is that banana selection is always at the extremes of the color chart.
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