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I for one DON'T love it when kids dance or do talent contests or exhibit any adult behaviour.
making kids do ANYTHING other that what they do by themselves (and filming it) is not cute at all, but sickening in my eyes.

Sure the kids might even find it fun to do/say thing they don't even understand themselves, but only because it makes mommy and daddy smile.

Maybe not child abuse, but surely child exploitation.

Don't mess with kids childhoods, let them play their own fantasies.
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An elephant helmet.
To protect it from coconut throwing monkeys.
Now ironically in use as a coconut feeder for monkeys.

"Old Skool", black, xl
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I allways wanted a Mil Mi-24 "Hind" gunship...

ButI also think it's a VERY good idea for the law not to allow me to have one, or any other nutcase like me.

When are you ppl gonna allow live handgranates in kindergarten?

not even being that sarcastic there, to me its about the same thing as kids on gunfairs...
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tried tyo say:

1000 kg = 1 tonne
just like 1 litre = 1000 cubic centimeters and so on...


Its logical. get some.

(tell me, how many cubic inches to the gallon?, how many inches to the mile?)
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how well-put =]
Or do you americans really call them that?

Exactly the kind of dog I'd toss to the sharks...
Now flame me =]
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Needleless ok...
But is it painfree?

Somehow blasting the meds through your skin by pressure sounds alot more painfull to me.
(But then, I have no problem with needles, which can be a real phobia to some)

Anybody experienced comment on this?
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