No More Needles: New Needle-Free Syringe Invention

Psst, needlephobics! (You know who you are!) Are you afraid of shots? Investor Yoshio Oyama has invented something for you: a convenient needle-free syringe that use air pressure to deliver drugs.

Yoshio's system is called Mother's Kiss, and National Geographic News has the video clip: Link

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Needleless ok...
But is it painfree?

Somehow blasting the meds through your skin by pressure sounds alot more painfull to me.
(But then, I have no problem with needles, which can be a real phobia to some)

Anybody experienced comment on this?
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The headline is a bit misleading, saying that needle-free injections have been invented. The comment under the video says "a Japanese inventor says he's gone even further to cut costs and improve efficiency.", which means that this guy's design is a development, rather than an invention.
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I think I had a sans-needle one when I was a kid. Can't remember what it was for.

I wonder if it works for heroin addicts - no more nasty scars.
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They've been doing needlefree injects for the feline luekemia vaccine for quite some time now. It reduces the risk of vaccine-related tumors. Scares the hell out of the cats though. Makes loud noises
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