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A friend of mine had a cat who also was attached to a stuffed animal, which we nicknamed Baby. Why? Because not only did she drag it everywhere, she would meow piteously if you accidentally stepped on it. Forget trying to touch it.
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Yaaas! While other kids were all about The Six Million Dollar man, I preferred to hunker down and watch Kolchak do his thing. I suspect the series triggered my love for horror movies in general.
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Yay fair rides! As a teen in a small town, my BFF and I would hit the fair the day before it opened to grab a temp job. One year we did temporary tattoos at a booth right across from Super Loops (now known as the Ring of Fire). The carnies running the ride took a liking to us, so every morning before we started work they give us a free ride on the Loops. Took my 12 yr old to a local fair last weekend, where he absolutely refused to go on the Ring of Fire with me *sigh* least we got to ride the Himalayan together.
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Why does a 98 Buick cost so much? Interest. I'll bet they took a loan to get get the car, and could only get a loan with a (typical) ridiculous amount of interest.
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I see them...inverted. I cannot get my eyes to diverge and see the pics jump out from the page, but can converge my eyes and therefore see them sort of inside out; they look pushed into the page instead. So they are 3 dimensional, but really hard to figure out! Still waiting to meet someone with the same issue; I can't be the only one.
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Just an observation, but I sort of feel like many cards are less physically protected when using the chip reader. Why? Because swiping means the card usually doesn't leave the customer's hand; with the chip most folks pop it into the reader and it hangs there til the transaction is finished. Easier to grab than a bag hanging on someone's shoulder.
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Behold! as the wily hunter stalks his helpless prey. Thrill! as the relentless predator attacks again and again . Marvel! as the quarry keeps laying in the path of the ruthless onslaught. Giggle! as the clueless cats can't understand why a) this box is walking, and b) just won't go away and leave them alone.
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